Buddhist Funeral Service Packages

Includes all essentials (including ceremonial items, Mercedes Benz hearse), yet competitively priced

You are in expert hands, when you hire us to organising a Buddhist funeral service for your deceased loved one. All the necessary planning and logistics, from the wake and funeral procession to the booking of cremation slots will be handled by us, leaving you time and space to concentrate on grieving, praying and properly mourning over his or her passing.

Overview of Our Buddhist Funeral Service Packages

On your instructions, we will ferry his or her body (with the utmost care) to our premises where a qualified mortician will clean, embalm and prepare the body for the funeral wake. This will include mortician makeup, hairdo, the dressing up of the body (clothes to be provided by you) and encoffining in a Buddhist style wooden casket.

We will then transfer the casket to the wake for the bereaved family, relatives and friends to pay their last respect.

An 18-ft memorial tentage, decorated with Buddhist backdrop, ornamental decor and table top fresh flower arrangements will be provided to house the casket. A prayer table will also be setup for mourners to offer joss incense/ prayer, as they pay their last respect.

Included in all our Buddhist funeral packages are an aircon coach to ferry the mourners to the crematorium and back. We will also arrange for an Ordained Buddhist monk to lead the chanting at the encoffining, last night of the wake as well as the funeral rituals at the crematorium. We will also prepare food and fruit offerings used during the rituals.

Our Buddhist Funeral Packages (Detailed Breakdown)

The following is a detailed breakdown of what's provided with our Buddhist funeral service package. It includes everything you need to provide your loved one with a dignified Buddhist funeral...

Buddhist Style Wooden Casket

  • A half glass wooden cremation casket decorated with appropriate Buddhist ornamental decoration

Embalming and Casketing

  • Ferry your loved one's body (with utmost care) to our premises for embalming, mortician make up and hair care.
  • Dress the body in the deceased's favourite clothes (provided by the bereaved family) for casketing. Alternatively, we can supply the outfit but additional charges will apply.
  • Casketing, with Buddhist Sutra blanket, pillow and pearl
  • Transfer of casket to the wake

Casket Area Set Up

  • A 18-ft beige themed Buddhist Tentage setup, complete with surround canvas (2 pieces), curtains and carpeted flooring
  • A memorial table and buddhist chanting altar
  • 4 fresh table top funeral flower arrangements for altar table

Monk Chanting and Food Offerings

  • 1 ordained Buddhist monk to chant during encoffining, last night rituals and on funeral day itself
  • 1 set of vegetarian food and fruits offerings will be provided for all 3 monk led rituals
  • 1 set of Buddha food offering

Ceremonial Items

  • Joss incense for prayer use
  • Wooden tablet

Tables and Chairs for the Wake

  • 10 round tables
  • 15 square tables
  • 100 plastic chairs

Fans and Lighting

  • 6 fans (2 standing and 4 table ones) for adequately ventilation
  • General lighting for the wake

Mobile Toilet

  • 1 mobile toilet will be provided throughout the duration of the wake

Funeral Photo Setup

  • 1 enlarged photo in 10 by 12 inches photo frame complete with floral lining
  • 6 passport sized photos

Funeral Day Arrangements

  • Mercedes Benz hearse to transfer casket to Mandai Crematorium for cremation
  • 1 air con coach to ferry relatives and guest to Mandai Crematorium
  • Pall bearers on standby to carry and move the casket
  • 40 sets of token gift (towel and coin) for guest
  • Floral water pails

Post Funeral Followup

  • House blessing and memorial tablet placement prayers
  • Ash collection
  • Customary 49 & 100 day prayer advise as well as annual prayer reminders, if required

Other Essentials

  • Cremation slot booking
  • 1 guest reception table, registration book and safe
  • Mourning badges

Package Price

  • $5,588 for a 3 day funeral
  • $250 for each additional day thereafter, up to a maximum of 7 days in total

Important Note

  • The above package does not include food, snacks and/or drinks. If required, they will be charged based on actual amount consumed.
  • The above price quote is valid for HDB void decks held funerals only. Funerals held in other locations (e.g. private homes or parlour) will be priced differently with the price difference due largely to the difference in tentage setup cost
  • If a more elaborate setup is required, additional setup cost may be incurred

Why Choose Us?

Buddhist Funeral Experts

While our company may be relatively new, our staff has a combined experience of more than 20 years in the funeral trade, helping Buddhist bereaved families in Singapore organise funerals for their loved ones. Our Funeral Director too has a wealth of experience, having previously been part of the management team at Singapore Funeral Group, one of the leading funeral undertakers in Singapore. We thus have the knowledge and expertise to arrange a Buddhist funeral that is both meaningful and memorable.

24/7 Staff Support

Throughout the funeral, a member of our staff will be available via phone 24/7, to provide guidance when needed. No matter what your needs are, he will always do his utmost to assist you.

We understand your grief and as such will ensure that any support staff assigned to you is well trained to be sensitive and attentive to your needs.

Specially Sourced Funeral Supplies

Everything from the casket to Buddhist style ornamental decor used in all Buddhist funerals we stage are personally sourced by our Funeral director. Because of his years of experience in the funeral trade, he has a large network of suppliers and is thus able to get his funeral supplies at the cheapest possible price without compromising on quality. This cost savings is then passed over to you and is the reason why our Buddhist funeral packages are so affordably priced.

How to Engage Us?

To get in touch with us, simply call our Funeral Services helpline at +65 6303 0655 or email us from our contact page. Our Funeral Consultants are on 24 hour standby to assist you.


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