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Buddhist Funeral Setup

Buddhist believe in karma and reincarnation, with death marking the beginning of another incarnation. As such, the primary focus of Buddhist funeral rites is on helping the deceased transition smoothly from this life to the next. There is however a secondary purpose; to remind those left behind of the doctrine of Anicca or impermanence (i.e. the transient and inconstant nature of life) and hence, the importance of doing good deeds during one’s lifetime to accumulate the necessary karmic forces to bring the soul closer to nivarna.



When Death is Looming

During the final moments, Buddhist teachings focuses on preparing the dying individual, both spiritually and mentally, for the process of dying and rebirth. As such, maintaining a calm and peaceful environment, with images of Buddha, and perhaps some flowers around, will be very helpful. A family member should be by the bedside throughout, helping dying person to remain calm, recall his good deeds and assuring him of the karmic forces he has accumulated as a result of those good deeds. If possible, a Buddhist monk should be present to chant protective verses.

Buddhist Funeral Services – Rites and Rituals

As there are many branches of Buddhism, funeral rites and rituals may differ. Hence, it is always best for the bereaved family to seek guidance from the deceased’s Buddhist community. That said, these funeral services and rituals should be simple yet solemn and will almost certainly include chanting to help generate merit for the deceased and bring his soul closer towards enlightenment. This chanting can be led by monks or lay members of the deceased’s Buddhist group. Eulogies delivered by family members and close friends are also appropriate during these services.

Buddhist Stand on Cremation

Though burials are allowed, most Singaporean Buddhists tend to choose cremation. A Buddhist monk led funeral service with chanting at the cremation site is recommended.



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