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Roman Catholics believe that in death, the soul may progress to heaven, purgatory or hell. Unlike protestant Christians, Catholics do not believe in Sola fide or the salvation by grace through faith alone. As such Catholic funeral services often serves 2 important purposes, namely:

  • To ask for god’s mercy on the deceased soul
  • To comfort the bereaved family

Hence, for Catholics, it is important that the funeral services and rites be followed to completion, as each part has its own important purpose.


The Roman Catholic Funeral Services Rites

The Vigil Service

Traditionally in Singapore, the vigil service takes place in the evening during the wake. The service can take the form of scripture reading, followed by recollection and prayers. It can be led by a priest or lay religious.

It is at the vigil service where families and friends recall special moment they shared with the deceased. Eulogies are thus most appropriate here as are secular music (e.g. the deceased favourite song) and poems.

The purpose of the vigil is to remember the deceased, commend his soul to God while simultaneously asking God to console the bereaved family.

Funeral Liturgy

This funeral liturgy is the most significant of all Catholic funeral rites. Preferably, it’s
led by a priest and celebrated during the Requiem Mass (i.e. Funeral Mass) but on days when Mass cannot be celebrated (e.g. Good Friday, Hoy Saturday and Easter Sunday etc.), or if a priest is not available to celebrate Mass, it can be celebrated on its own. In such instances, the Church will likely recommend that a Memorial Mass be offered for the deceased’s intention at a later date.

If celebrated without Mass, the Funeral Liturgy can be celebrated outside Church (e.g. at the funeral parlor itself, crematorium or burial ground ) and will take the form of:

  • Liturgy of the Word
  • Final Commendation

The Funeral Liturgy serves 3 main purposes:

  • Thanksgiving to God for Christ’s victory over death, so that we may share in his resurrection and have eternal life
  • To commend the deceased to God’s ever loving mercy and grace
  • To comfort the bereaved by the proclamation of the Paschal Mystery together as a Christian community.

Because of its healing effect, it is recommended that the bereaved family take an active interest in the planning of the Funeral Mass, choosing the hymns, readings etc.

Rite of Committal

This is the final part of the Catholic funeral service rites and takes place at the crematorium or place of burial. Its purpose is to commit the deceased to rest, awaiting the resurrection. It is here where family and friends together with the rest of the Christian community (usually led by the priest), offer their farewell prayers and intercessions for the deceased and say their final goodbyes.


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