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Christian Funeral Setup

No matter how strong a Christian is in his faith and how assured he is that a loved one is headed for a better place, he will still grief over the loss of someone dear. As such, Christian Funeral Services are often both uplifting and comforting, with the church community often gathering in support for the bereaved family.

Because of the many Christian denominations in Singapore, there is no one size fits all format for Christian Funeral Services. It will vary and hence the Pastor and Church’s relevant support group should always be consulted on funeral matters. That said, most churches are willing to accommodate the family’s request (e.g. choice of hymns, readings and songs) as this will make the funeral more meaningful for the family.



Christian Funeral Services Overview

While Christian Funeral Services format may differ depending on denomination, the intent is often always the same, namely:

  • To pray for the deceased soul
  • To give strength and offer comfort to the grieving family; and
  • To reflect on the life of the deceased and honor his life

Hence, despite the differences in form, there are still many areas of commonality such as:

  • Opening message by the pastor or elder that is often assuring and comforting
  • Scripture readings and hymns being sung at various parts of the service where guest (Christians and non-Christians alike) are encouraged to participate
  • Eulogy being delivered by family members, relatives or close friends, recalling special moments and deeds of the deceased during his lifetime
  • The closing prayer where the deceased is commended to the grace of God

Other Commonalities Across Christian Denominations

The Wake

The wake is where relatives and friends come to pay their last respect and offer words of condolences and support for the bereaved. It typically lasts for between 3 to 5 days with the casket traditionally uncovered for open viewing.

The Committal

A short service is usually held at the crematorium chapel or burial site where the deceased is committed to rest while awaiting the resurrection. It is here where family and friends offer their final prayers and farewell.



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