Funeral Directors in Singapore – Handling All Aspects of Funeral Services

The emergence of a new industry to cater for planning and executions of funerals in Singapore comes not a moment too soon. These service providers can do everything relating to the funeral of a loved one who has passed on. They can take charge of all aspects, from pre-planning endeavors to writing of wills and even special funeral requests.

Through professional services, a family can delegate everything about arranging a funeral and allow themselves a time to grieve properly. Food and other supplies, floral arrangement, make-up and embalming the body as well as even post-burial matters like property execution and insurance processing can be covered. It all depends on the funeral packages Singapore that the family chooses.

These companies, who have popularly come to be known in Singapore as funeral directors, have the capacity to handle complex matters such international repatriations, burials at sea, cremations and any kind of burial a family wants to have for its deceased.

The Industry of Funeral Directors in Singapore

You may think that the funeral directorship industry is a small collection of three or so start-ups, but you’ll be surprised to learn that conservative estimates place the industry at nearly 100 different companies in Singapore, with a collective annual turnover exceeding 100 million Singaporean dollars.

As the practice and industry grows more defined in scope and ability, we can expect this figure to only go higher with the passage of time. This is further assisted by the Association of Funeral Directors (Singapore chapter), which is a not-for-profit body in the country that seeks to provide oversight and guidance to the industry’s players.

Another important goal it has is to revamp the face of the industry in Singapore by setting up up-market facilities, introducing a wider range of services with membership perks and even setting up institutions to provide the professional training for would-be funeral directors.

Most of the funeral directors offer Buddhist and Christian funeral packages Singapore, the two religions to which a majority of Singaporean subscribe. However, the bigger players also have Chinese funeral packages as well as the three-day funeral arrangement procedure embraced by Freethinkers. This is truly a testament of changing times.

Future trends for the industry

Like we said, it all seems like a small industry until you look at the progress made in just a few short years. A few of the more experienced directors have opened non-profit businesses to run alongside their main operations. A few ideas and trends these foundations work towards include introduction of home memorials, biodegradable caskets, and burial urn vaults shaped like honeycombs with light-emitting diodes as more elaborate resting places.

Something for everyone

Even with the huge growth and development catalyzed by general acceptance of funeral directors by the Singaporean citizenship, the industry retains a few of the more traditional funeral directors. Families that are looking for that simple personalized service may use these directors, who abstain from active marketing campaigns. They instead rely on their service goodwill and referral marketing to gain clientele.

This is however not to be mistaken for low quality of service any more than a quaint little homely inn being considered inferior to a huge hotel. These directors just add a personalized touch to the services they provide. Families in search of simplicity will find satisfaction from the services they receive from such providers.

On the other hand, the more established directorships are better equipped to handle funerals that are more complex, such as in the case of international repatriation. The funeral packages Singapore available are also more exhaustive. Families will also have the options of choosing from a wide selection of services.

The beautiful thing about it all is that there’s something that’s just right for everyone, and it’s only going to get better as the industry grows.


The relative newness of the industry in comparison with others means that the framework for governance is not as elaborate. This forms one of the key elements the Association for Funeral Directors focuses on. Such matters as lack of professionalism are always a risk where there is no mandatory licensing scheme to provide guidelines within which operating businesses must remain.

By raising the standards and introducing parameters within which funeral directors must remain, the industry attains more regularization. This will give service-seekers a good idea of what to expect from their service providers and weed out the operators whose services are not up to par with the requirements.

It is advisable for consumers to seek out professional service providers, just as they would for any other services that they need. A light peaceful ambiance, warmth, sensitivity and service that go to the extra mile are all signs that you have left your arrangements in worthy hands.

The greatest advantage offered by these directors is the ability to go through a traumatic event unencumbered by the additional hassle of having to take care of a million different aspects all at once. This industry is likely to grow to become the best thing Singapore has seen in a long time.


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