Our Funeral Packages

Our funeral packages are priced based on the elaborateness of the funeral services setup. And because the level of elaborateness of funerals are often tied to the religious beliefs of the deceased, our packages are likewise priced based on religion type. What we assure you though is that our prices are extremely affordable and that you will never have to worry about bill shock or hidden charges. Why? Because we make it a point to list down every included item, line by line, so that you can enjoy full pricing transparency when you hire us.

The following are the funeral packages we offer:

Catholic Funeral Package

Our prices are from $4,000 for a 3 day funeral with an extra charge of $250 for each additional day.


Catholic Funeral Packages

Buddhist Funeral Package

Prices are from $5,288 for a 3 day funeral. For each additional day, an extra charge of $250 will be levied.


Buddhist Funeral Packages

Taoist Funeral Package

Our rates for Taoist funeral packages are from $7,500 up depending on the number of days the funeral stretches.


Taoist Funeral Packages

Christian Funeral Package

With prices from $4,000 up, depending on the number of days; you get nothing but value for money when you hire us.


Christian Funeral Packages

Soka Funeral Package

Our Soka funeral package is priced at just $4,000. While we are affordable, be assured that we are also very knowledgeable Soka funeral undertakers.


Soka Funeral Packages

Non Religious Funeral Package

Our prices for Non Religious funeral setups are from $4,000 onwards depending on the number of days the funeral is held, as well as the elaborateness of the funeral setup.


Non-Religious Funeral Packages

Same Day Cremation Package

At just $1,300, our same day cremation packages are as affordable as they get. Do note though that for our same day cremation package, no wake is held and the deceased is cremated on the day of death itself.

Why Choose Us?

We are among the most affordable funeral undertakers in Singapore. And because of our believe that everyone deserves a meaningful send off, we do not compromise on quality, when arranging a funeral.

We understand your grief and will go the distance to ensure all your funeral services needs are taken care of. Our staff trained to be sensitive and attentive to your needs at all times. Being experienced funeral directors, you can always count on us for advice on all funeral matters, as and when needed.

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To reach us, simply dial our 24-hour funeral services helpline at +65 6303 0655. Our funeral consultants are ever ready to offer advice and assist you in any way we can.

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