Our Non-Religious Funeral Packages

Free Thinker Funeral Setup

We love arranging Non-Religious (secular) funerals. Free thinkers are generally not constrained by the bounds of religion and as such, these secular funerals can be planned and arranged in a way the family feels will be most meaningful for their deceased loved one.

But this free play in putting together a free thinker funeral makes pricing them into a package a little more difficult. Such funerals are known to differ greatly in terms of grandeur and elaborateness and a single price point is thus not practical.

That said, with our many years of experience (the Tee family has been in this trade since 1965) we are able to put together a package, the average Singaporean family will find meaningful, taking into account, the long held Chinese funeral rituals, traditions and practices. Our Non-Religious funeral packages are surprising affordable starting from just $4,000. More elaborate funeral setups as well as home or funeral parlour held funerals are possible, but you’ll need to give us your requirements before we can quote.

Our Rates – Non-Religious Funeral Packages

  • $4,000 – 3 Day HDB Void Deck Held Secular Funeral
  • $4,500 – 5 Day HDB Void Deck Funeral
  • $5,000 – 7 Day HDB Void Deck Funeral

All Non-Religious funerals are supervised by our Funeral Services Director. He loves organising such funerals, so you are in good hands when you hire us.

Below is a detailed item by item breakdown of our Non-Religious Funeral Packages

Half Glass Casket

  • A wood finish half glass cremation casket
  • Light or dark wood colour options

Upon Your Confirmation

  • We will brief you onsite on things you need to prepare as well as what to expect during the funeral.
  • Our Funeral Director will also explain our package options to you and get your approval and go ahead.
  • We will then transport your loved one it to our facility for embalming

At Our Embalming Facility

  • Cleaning and embalming of the body.
  • Cosmetology services to beautify your loved one, including makeup and hair care.
  • Dressing of the deceased in his favourite clothes (to be provided by the family) before casketing.
  • Transporting casket to the family for the funeral wake.
  • Be assured that throughout this process, we will do our utmost to treat your loved one’s body with care and respect.

Casket Holding Area Set Up

  • Carpeted 3-sided tentage with either curtain or canvas setup
  • Secular (Non-Religious) design backdrop
  • Memorial table setup with fresh table-top bouquets

Funeral Photo Plus Frame

  • 1 enlarged photo housed in a 10 by 12 inches fresh flower lined photo frame
  • 6 passport sized photos will also be included

Reception Area Setup

  • Reception table with donation box
  • Guest book to record all donations
  • Funeral information notice, properly printed and displayed

General Lighting

  • Electrical lighting to illuminate the wake area

Ventilation Fans

  • 6 fans will be provided to ensure good ventilation at the wake area

Tables and Chairs for Guest

  • 10 round tables
  • 15 square tables
  • 100 plastic chairs

Funeral Day Arrangements

  • Staff on hand to guide and direct family and guest
  • Glass hearse to transport the deceased to the crematorium
  • Pall bearer services
  • An aircon coach to fetch relatives and guest to crematorium and back
  • Tokens for all guests

Our Package Rates Once Again

  • $4,000 for a 3 day funeral
  • An additional $250 per day of extension

Additional Notes

  • The above packages do not include the following:
    • Mourning clothes worn by the bereaved family
    • Food and drinks

Why Choose Us?

We are among the most affordable funeral undertakers in Singapore. And because of our believe that everyone deserves a meaningful send off, we do not compromise on quality, when arranging a funeral.

We understand your grief and will go the distance to ensure all your funeral services needs are taken care of. Our staff trained to be sensitive and attentive to your needs at all times. Being experienced funeral directors, you can always count on us for advice on all funeral matters, as and when needed.

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