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Search the Internet, and you will realize that very little has been written about Taoist Funeral Services, rites and rituals. But then again, this is hardly surprising given that Taoist teachings centres more on health, healing and longevity than on funeral and its rituals. The goal of Taoism is, after all, to attain immortality through the cultivation of oneself, focusing on task and practices (both physical and spiritual) to become one with the Tao (or Dao). The Taoist Alchemy, both the Internal Alchemy (Naidan or Jingdan) and External Alchemy (Waidan) are important requirements for achieving this immortality. With healing, health, longevity and even immortality taking centre stage, funeral rituals and rites are thus less often discussed. This coupled with Singaporean Chinese’s general reluctance to discuss death openly, many Taoist traditions of old are now lost to the younger generation. When death occurs in the family, many are ill prepared to handle it.



Taoist Funeral Set Up

In a typical Taoist funeral services set up, you will find an alter with the following items:

  • Sacred lamp, used as a twin representation of both the light of wisdom and the elixir of life
  • 2 tall candles, to denote the sun and moon or the human eye
  • Tea which symbolizes yin
  • Water as a metaphor for yang,
  • Rice a representation of the union of the yin and yang
  • Five plates of fruits representing the 5 elements, namely, wood, fire, earth, metal and water; and lastly
  • An incense burner to purify the soul of the departed

Rites and Rituals in Taoist Funeral Services

A common ritual in Taoist funeral services involves having Taoist priests chanting scriptures against a backdrop of sounds from a myriad of musical instruments e.g. cymbols, drums, erhus and flutes etc. Taoist believe that this practice uplifts the soul, assisting its ascension into heaven. Thereafter the most senior priest will circle a fire with 9 tiles, (representing the 9 levels of hell) and crush these tiles to free the soul from the crutches of hell.

It’s common too, during Taoist funeral services, to have another priest, sitting on a lotus seat, praying for the absolution of sins and chanting scriptures. This priest signifies the presence of the Goddess of Mercy, who is often pictured sitting on a similar lotus seat

Why A Knowledgeable Funeral Undertaker is Important?

Taoist believe that when someone dies, it’s very important that the right rituals are performed, to:

  • Raise the soul, preventing it from descending to hell
  • Appease the evil spirits
  • Have the good spirits safeguard the soul of the departed plus protect the bereaved family

Yet many Singaporean Taoist families are at a loss when it comes to Taoist funeral rites and rituals. Hence, having a knowledgeable Funeral undertaker around is extremely helpful. Other than making sure the funeral go on as planned, the undertaker can offer advice, guidance and make sure that important rituals are not missed out.



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